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  • Sachin M S

Best gift item under 1000 rs

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered what to gift a good-looking and budget-friendly gift to any of your colleagues? Are you confused as to which gift category to look for?

It is not easy to pick a category of the gift of items for colleagues especially. You may not be in a position to gift a few of the coolest and funky items out there in the market. You may tend to look for gifts that are more practical and usable depending on the occasion for which you are gifting.

While gifting clocks, photo frames, crockery sets have been a usual trend. I would like to suggest a product which would be pocket friendly at the same time elegant as well. Presenting the Ganesha idol made out of brass from Two Moustaches. The gift looks pretty and very attractive. This gift goes well as a present for a house-warming ceremony and can be used as home decor.

I gifted this item to one of my colleagues and she absolutely loved it. The design, size everything was perfect! You can find the link to the product I purchased from the Amazon India website:


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