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Best dashcam for Car In India

A dashcam is one of the must-have accessories for cars, especially in a country like India where offensive driving is widespread.

70mai, a sister company of Xiaomi is a reputed and trusted brand in India regarding car accessories. If you are looking for a complete dashcam experience with a good number plate reading capability and good night for both front and rear then look no further.

70mai Pro Plus+ A500S Dual Channel Car Dash Cam is the ideal choice if your budget is around 11,000 INR approximately and if you live in a major city where both front and rear dashcams will be important:

For non-major cities, a front dashcam would suffice the need and the cost of the dashcam comes down to around 9,000 INR

Pros of this dashcam

  1. It records the speed and location of every video which helps you to find out the exact location where it was recorded and what was your speed.

  2. ADAS, Built-in GPS, Route Tracker, App Playback & Share, Optional Parking Monitoring

  3. Saves 3 minutes of video clips of any recording

  4. Very good view angle as it covers a wide angle

Cons of this dashcam

  1. It supports a memory card of up to 128 GB only. It could have been extended to 256 GB at least

  2. Sometimes during bright sunny days, there might be a small amount of dashboard glare appearing in videos. It is minimal and manageable and not a deal breaker

Supported Memory card:

I have got a good deal on the compatible Memory card from Samsung

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